Dental health during the teen years offers another set of challenges. For most parents, this doesn’t come as a big surprise. A dizzying number of changes strike during these formative years, and parents often experience a few frustrations along the way. Teens listen more than we realize, and pestering parents can make a tremendous difference in the dental future of your young adult. You might feel like you are nagging, but believe it or not, the constant reminders to brush, floss, and eat well will sink in. Don’t underestimate any encouragement given to help your teen avoid the long-term effects of cavities and gum inflammation. Preventive visits every six months provide us with an opportunity to coach your teen and reinforce the efforts you’re making with them. Sometimes the rapport we establish in a professional, yet friendly, setting proves especially effective.


  • Limit sodas and energy drinks.Sugary, carbonated drinks are the number one cause of tooth decay in adolescents. Most 20-ounce bottles of soda are just 18 teaspoons of sugar mixed with an extremely acidic liquid. The combination can be devastating for teeth as well as your teen overall health.
  • Encourage brushing before bedtime.The hours spent sleeping can be especially harmful as the mouth dries out and bacteria flourishes.
  • Explain the dangers of sharing toothbrushes.Bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities can easily transfer from one person to another.
  • Slip dental floss or a toothpick in with their lunch or backpack.
Dr. Conrad and his staff are top notch. I've never experienced such a caring and courteous dental group. Dr. Conrad made me feel at ease, his work was professional and painless and his attention to detail is exemplary. I would recommend Dr. Conrad to my family and friends and anyone needing dental care.
Jamie Peru

Frequently Asked Questions

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Teen dentistry at Distinctive Dental Concepts is a specialized branch of dentistry dedicated to addressing teenagers’ unique oral health needs. It is vital for your teenager because it focuses on their dental issues during this critical development phase. 

Adolescents experience significant changes in their oral health, including the emergence of permanent teeth, hormonal fluctuations, and potential orthodontic concerns. Teen dentistry is tailored to meet these needs and ensure that your teenager maintains optimal oral health as they transition into adulthood.

Your teenager should commence their visits to a teen dentist at Distinctive Dental Concepts as soon as their permanent teeth begin to emerge, typically around the age of 12 or 13. Early engagement with a teen dentist is crucial because it allows for the timely detection and management of potential dental issues before they become more serious. 

Starting teen dentistry at an appropriate age also encourages your teenager to establish good oral hygiene habits, laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Regular check-ups with a teen dentist monitor your teenager’s oral health and provide valuable guidance on maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Adolescents often encounter a range of dental issues due to various factors. The most prevalent problems include cavities, orthodontic problems, and gum disease. Cavities can develop due to dietary choices, irregular brushing habits, and a fondness for sugary snacks and drinks. Orthodontic issues, such as misaligned teeth or bite problems, are common among teenagers. 

These issues can affect their smile’s aesthetics and overall oral health. Hormonal changes during adolescence can make teenagers more susceptible to gum disease, which, if left untreated, can lead to discomfort and potential long-term consequences. Understanding these common dental challenges is essential for parents and teenagers to take proactive measures to prevent and address them effectively. Regular visits to a teen dentist at Distinctive Dental Concepts can help mitigate these issues.

Our teen dentists at Distinctive Dental Concepts are highly skilled in orthodontics and offer a comprehensive range of solutions to address orthodontic problems in teenagers. Whether your teenager requires braces or clear aligners, our experienced team can provide the appropriate treatment. 

Orthodontic treatment enhances the aesthetics of your teenager’s smile and contributes to their overall oral health. Correcting misalignments and bite issues can prevent more severe problems in the future, such as jaw pain and difficulty chewing. Our teen dentists work closely with you and your teenager to develop a personalized treatment plan catering to their needs.