Intra-oral imaging gives you a detailed view of your mouth in pictures and videos.

Putting specific problem areas onto a computer screen lets us see with clarity and detail that’s not possible with a traditional mouth mirror. Hand-held wands quickly capture the details of your teeth and gums. In fact, even small cracks that often lead to broken teeth appear vividly with the click of a button. We can explain the need for treatment more clearly by showing you what we see in great detail.

As an added benefit, dental insurance benefits often pay more quickly with the visual proof of a digital image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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At Distinctive Dental Concepts, an intra-oral camera is a cutting-edge dental tool that allows us to capture high-resolution images of the inside of your mouth. This device features a tiny camera mounted on a handheld tool, which we gently insert into your mouth to capture real-time images of your teeth, gums, and other oral structures.

Distinctive Dental Concepts utilizes intra-oral cameras extensively in dental procedures for several important reasons, all aimed at providing you with the highest quality of care and education.

Yes, at Distinctive Dental Concepts, patient safety and comfort are our top priorities. Intra-oral cameras are designed to meet strict hygiene standards while providing a comfortable experience for you.

At Distinctive Dental Concepts, intra-oral cameras offer numerous advantages to our dentists and dental professionals, enhancing their ability to provide you with top-tier dental care.