Not many years ago, losing a tooth left you with few options for replacement. While permanent teeth should provide a lifetime of function, it doesn’t always end up that way. They may be lost from an accident, decay, or gum disease. Since teeth start as a full set, even one missing tooth may affect the whole makeup of your mouth’s delicate balance. As teeth slowly lean and migrate, wear and cracking from excessive forces often create escalating problems.

When it’s time to replace missing teeth, whether it’s one or a full set, several options might be available to you. Dental implants in Garland, TX often give you the best opportunity to enjoy normal chewing and a full smile, although other options deserve consideration.

We know it’s not always easy for you to sort through the complicated possibilities. Our doctors experience in restorative dentistry allows them to develop solutions for every situation.

From the moment you enter DDC the front office staff is exceptionally pleasant to the dental hygienist who go's above and beyond dental care to the dentist who does an impeccable job, Distinctive Dental Concepts is the only place to trust your smile, mouth and teeth with!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Several tooth replacement options include dental implants, bridges, dentures, and implant-supported dentures. The best option depends on factors such as the number of missing teeth, overall oral health, and budget.

The duration for dental implant placement varies, but it typically involves multiple appointments over a few months. The process includes consultation, implant placement, healing time, and prosthetic tooth attachment.

The cost of dental implants for tooth replacement can vary based on factors such as location, the number of implants needed, and additional procedures. Consult the dentist 

Yes, alternatives to dental implants include bridges and dentures. Each option has its pros and cons, and the choice depends on factors like oral health, budget, and personal preference.