Preventative care is one of the simplest and most important ways to make sure your child’s teeth grow in strong and healthy. Giving them the proper tools and teaching them the right way to brush when they are young lays the groundwork that will create healthy habits they will carry with them into adulthood.

Most children have two cleanings a year, but children with a higher risk of caries may need more frequent visits.

During a checkup, will your child’s hygienist will clean their teeth and, if necessary, take x-rays and give your child a fluoride treatment. Our doctors will perform an exam and review if any treatment is needed.

Dr Conrad and his staff are the best. This is the only place I will send my wife and kids! We have been going to Dr Conrad for at least a decade if not longer and will continue to.
Chris Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

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Distinctive dental concepts encompass innovative and advanced approaches to dental care and treatment. They are crucial for several reasons. These concepts prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, leading to improved treatment outcomes through efficiency and precision.

To benefit from the latest dental technology and techniques, choose a progressive dentist, ask questions during dental visits, and consider specialized clinics focusing on distinctive dental concepts.

Yes, distinctive dental concepts can benefit individuals of all ages, including children and those with dental anxiety. They make dental procedures less intimidating and more comfortable for such individuals.

Yes, many patients choose to combine traditional and distinctive dental concepts for comprehensive care. Dentists can create treatment plans incorporating traditional and innovative approaches as needed.