The Benefits of Choosing a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child’s Dental Care

Were you aware that 23% of children between two and five suffer from dental cavities? 

Interestingly, that’s not all! Over 57% of teenagers have cavities in their teeth. These figures are enough to make a case for regular visits to a pediatric dentist for kids. 

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Pediatric dentists specialize in treating oral issues among children from infancy to teenage. Taking your young ones for regular visits to a pedodontist can benefit them for an entire lifetime. 

However, despite the significance of child dentistry, most parents are still reluctant or less bothered about taking their kids to pedodontists. This blog is here to change that perception for good with detailed insight into topics related to pediatric dentistry, including:

  • Role of Pediatric Dentist in Improving Your Smile       
  • Types of Treatments Offered By Pediatric Dentists
  • Why Does Your Child Need a Pediatric Dentist? 

Continue reading as we learn more about the role of pedodontists and their perks in the following sections. 

Role of Pediatric Dentist in Improving Your Smile

Pediatric dentists in Garland, TX, are professionals with specialized training for treating oral complications among toddlers of different age groups from infancy to teenage years. These dentists receive more training than most conventional training, enabling them to understand kids better and offer treatments accordingly.   

Apart from the four years in dental school, a pedodontist receives a residency training of about two years. This training will help specialize Garland pediatrics in pediatric dentistry, equipping them with the necessary skill sets to understand and care for infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers. 

Types of Treatments Offered By Pediatric Dentists

Children are as versatile as they get, and their needs are no exception, especially their dental needs. However, a children’s dentist can provide various treatments for different issues. 

Some of the best-known of these treatment types include:

a. Cleaning And Preventive Care: 

Visiting a pediatric dentist every six months ensures your little one gets appropriate cleaning and preventive care. The dentist will examine every aspect of your kid’s oral health to ensure early detection of dental problems. This will make treating these problems at the initial stages easier before they become severe. 

b. Dental Fillings and Flouride Treatments: 

Pedia dentists can use dental fillings to restore the functionality and stability of the damaged or injured tooth. On the contrary, fluoride treatments are great for strengthening your child’s teeth to prevent cavities and buildup of plaque and tartar. 

c. Teeth Bondings: 

Dental bondings are quick and effective ways to fix crooked, discolored, or chipped teeth. The dentist will sculpt a white resin directly onto your child’s teeth to repair the damage. 

d. Dental Sealants: 

Sealants are thin layers of resin-based material bonded to the teeth’s surface. This helps protect areas from tooth decay that you cannot access properly and can eliminate the risk of cavities by 80%.

e. Tooth Extractions: 

No doubt, tooth extractions are a relatively uncommon need for children. However, in severe damage to their teeth, your child might need to have the entire tooth extracted completely, and a periodic dentist can help you with that.         

Why Does Your Child Need a Pediatric Dentist? 

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is a necessity for everyone, especially in the case of children. It is no secret that most kids love snacking on sweets that can cause severe damage to their oral health. 

This makes it essential to keep things in check with regular visits to pedodontists. But besides that, there are other reasons why your child needs effective dental for pediatric care, including:  

Friendly and Comfortable

One of the best things about visiting a pediatric dentist is exposing your child to a friendly and comfortable environment for dental visits. 

This is important for kids since most of them suffer from oral anxiety, and a friendly environment can help make things more manageable. These qualified dentists can also help distract your child with toys or other games to help them easily avail of necessary treatments.

Little girl sitting in the dentist's office. Pediatric dentistry. Smiling child and doctor.

Knowledge And Skills to Treat Children

Pediatric dentists have specialized training and skills to provide essential dental treatments to children. Regardless of your children’s age, these professionals know how to deal with kids. 

These professionals must complete a two-year post-graduate training that teaches them how to deal with children. They also have an enhanced understanding of children’s psychology and behavior that helps them create the right environment for treating young ones.      

Better Understanding of Growth and Dental Changes:

Different children have different dental needs, which evolve as they grow. A competent pedodontist will curate a treatment plan based on the child’s growth and select the best course of treatment accordingly. 

These dentists children will care for your child’s teeth from primary to secondary teeth. Their treatment plans generally involve caring for baby teeth and ensuring appropriate care.   

Preventive Care: 

One of the most important reasons to take your child to a pedodontist is to ensure adequate preventive care for your children. Visiting a dentist regularly will ensure early detection of oral issues right from the early stage. 

This means whenever there are any early signs of oral complications, your children will receive the appropriate right from the early stages. This will prevent these issues from becoming more severe and ensure these issues are taken care of at the early stages.     


  • Over 23% of kids between two and five suffer from oral cavities.     
  • Pedodontists are oral experts with specialized training for treating oral complications among little ones of different age groups from infancy to teenage years.
  • Pedodontists receive more training than most conventional training, enabling them to understand children better and offer treatments accordingly.   
  • Sealants, tooth extractions, fillings, bondings, fluoride treatments, and teeth cleaning are some of the most common treatments a pedodontist offers. 
  • Preventive care, a better understanding of evolving oral needs, a friendly and comfortable environment, and a better understanding of a child’s dental needs are some of the most important reasons to visit a pedodontist.      
  • Secure your child’s oral future with our expert professionals at Distinctive Dental Concepts today!